slowly but surely

This site is getting there.. slowly but surely. I promise to really get this page going more and more each week. You’ll see changes often and I’ll announce when the site is officially complete. Mark this into your bookmarks because it’s here to stay. Lots of exciting things to share.. videos.. photos.. helpful links, you name it  I probably have it. The focus of this new site is to document Natalie’s life but to also focus on the positivity that comes from CHD. Sounds strange, I know. CHD and something positive.. yes, it’s out there. Natalie is one of those who proves that it’s really true. Also, when you’re stuck in a world of a nightmarish diagnosis with a baby barely a month old, you need all the positivity you can get. This site will ooze positivity. Natalie oozes positivity. This task will be very easy. We love every reader and fan the Queen gets. *fist bump*

3 responses to “slowly but surely

  1. I like your new blog and I am excited to continue following along your families journey.

  2. I love your new page!!! I can tell you put a lot of love into it. I`m so proud of Natalie. I’m excited to be part of her journey.

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