a list of some random things about The Queen.

1.) Natalie has the same birth date as her daddy- April 21st. I wish I could say something cool like “YEAH! that wasn’t planned!” but it kinda was. Her due date was April 17th and it was time to evict her on that Saturday evening.

2.) Speaking of births and stuff, she was born at night. Almost midnight! Just like her big brother. I guess my kids love a late grand entrance.

3.) Natalie could very easily become a vegetarian. She eats beans like they’re candy and broccoli like it’s dessert. Meat? Good luck!

4.) She didn’t learn to officially walk until about 22 months old. We learned that during her recovery from The Glenn operation at 5 months old, that we probably should have given Natalie more tummy time. But we were are paranoid parents. That month or so of recovery at home was full of resting. She had physical therapy for a solid 2 years to help her have stronger legs and core. Today this child can jump really high and far. She also started climbing the bunk bed ladder really well at a late age of 4.

5.) For any little bit of lag in gross motor skills that Natalie dealt with, she has always far-surpassed fine motor skills. She mastered the “pincer grasp” by the time she was 6 months old!

6.) The Queen plays with her play piano like she’s Amadeus on crack.

7.) She has curls that make Shirley Temple jealous.

8.) A true Taurus (my favorite sign actually) and she definitely lives up to the hype- she is VERY bull-headed. What a shocker!

9.) The only medication Natalie takes is a multi-vitamin and baby aspirin everyday. That makes tears swell in my eyes.

10.) If you let her wear the same outfit everyday she totally will. She would prefer that.

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