The Queen and a few summer photo highlights : )

Meet “purple blanket”. Purple Blanket meet EVERYONE. She stopped playing on the floor to grab her most favorite blanket and sniff it. Then I asked her what it smells like. “Marshmallows Mommy!” That blanket has seen is all- all 4 surgeries and so SO much more.

If you’re blanket doesn’t smell like marshmallows then you’re doing it wrong. (Also, I think hers smells like dried saliva and boogers but that’s ok)

This kid seriously cracks me up. I love that her eyes are closed but she’s doing her model pose. My goodness.


annnnnnnd DONE! She kind of likes makeup. Surprised?

She also loves her pink cat ears.  You’ll be seeing so much more of these. These are part of her outside uniform. The Queen and her big brother, King James..

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