January 13th, 2010.. surgical log

Day 2.. January 13th, 2010

“I’m writing this while I watch you peacefully sleep on 1-13-2010. I day (almost 24 hours) after your Fontan operation. You slept more at 5 months of age with your Glenn that shocks me now with your age of 2 1/2 and having such a complicated operation. You fight your sleep more now. With your Glenn Shunt you did AMAZING (underlined). I remember MANY of your wires coming out by Wednesday, the 3rd day of recovery. Then on Thursday your 2 drainage tubes came out successfully. I wish I hadn’t seen them do it because you were in so much pain 😦 But like always you handled it like a champ.”

post op medications….

“Zantac, Lasix, Morphine, Heparin, Tylenol, Albumin”

still Day 2..2nd entry of 1-13-2010

“You are AMAZING my dear!! Truly amazing. As of now at your age, you have no idea how strong and feisty you are. At home your feistiness would frustrate me, but that’s now what’s going to get you home faster. Your nurses are awesome. They are so good with you. Many of your responses to their questions is “NO” and “ALL DONE!!” You also told me today that you will punch me. Honestly, anything that makes you feel better then do it. You came off of the ventilator at about 6:45pm yesterday. They tried sooner but you were so upset that you held your breath! We’re almost 24 hours post-op and you are (like I just knew) “wowing” everyone with how quickly you’re recovering. You do say “huggie Mommy huggie!!” often for me to hold you and that makes me so sad. But I know that in a few days, your wish will come true. Right now at 2:30pm 1/13/10 you are sleeping peacefully to the sounds of Cinderella. Thank god you’re sleeping because last night you barely slept at all.”

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