Natalie visits the pediatric cardiologist every 6 months still. Which is totally fine for this nervous mama. Not that I wouldn’t enjoy yearly visits at least a little bit, though! But for now every 6 months is where it’s at. It beats the bi-weekly (sometimes weekly) cardiac visits when she was an infant. We are in love with her doctor. The staff is pretty awesome and her doctor is even more awesome if that is possible. They know Natalie and in her eyes, anyone that covers her in free princess stickers is a winner.

Currently Natalie’s heart function is exactly where it should be at. Her normal oxygen saturations are in the high 80s. 88% is a great number in the high elevations. It’s also great for still having a fenestration. As of today, Natalie is at her prime with the fenestration. We do get asked a lot if and when they’ll close it. I like when people ask about Natalie and where she’s at. It keeps my brain fresh. As my old boss used to tell me (when I would do something extra good at my job that day).. “it warms the cockles of my heart” when people ask me questions about my daughter. But yes, at some point Natalie will need that little “pop off point” to be closed as it will no longer serve a purpose. This little hole, almost like a manmade ASD, helps to keep Natalie’s heart pressures at a healthy level. As she continues to grow like a wild weed, we may notice her feeling more tired, have some cyanotic spells, and will show signs of something a little wrong. This is why her cardiac checkups are still every 6 months. It usually isn’t an overnight thing that happens. It’s gradual (thank goodness). But gradual could mean anything in the CHD world.. from days, weeks to a month or so. That’s when we’ll know that instead of the fenestration helping, it’ll actually be taking away oxygenated blood away from her and her big growing body will need it.

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