on ignorance.

One of my biggest pet peeves when it comes to anything in life would be ignorance. And I don’t mean the “girl, you are so ignorant” kind of ignorant. I grew up using it that way and suddenly realized one day that it doesn’t mean “rude”. I mean the total lack of knowledge about something especially when it comes to the whole gigantic world of medical-type people. More specifically, the ones who have been poking, prodding, and eye-balling my heart kiddo for going on 3 years now. The ones who still gawk at her beautifully set chest zipper and drainage scars and then with total shock ask, “why does she have THOSE scars??”


We’ve been going to the exact same pediatrician for 3 very full years now. We have no other choices of doctors in our area right now, so for a little bit longer, we’re stuck. The doctor who is (technically) supposed to be the “special needs” doc isn’t always at her practice. In fact, she hardly ever is. And we were very lucky and happy to have her perform Natalie’s most recent June well checkup. Talk about catching up on so much lost time. It had been about 2 years since we had seen her last. So those last 2 well checkups were spent with nurses, doctors, gosh whoever they are because there are so many. And to be totally honest here, I’m (technically) fine with anyone seeing Natalie as long as it’s a checkup and I feel like they’re thorough enough. Hey a chart is a chart. As long as it’s all charted I’m good. Problem is, the office is still playing digital catch up which has probably beat the world’s longest record for transitioning from paper to ones and zeros.

So we’ve had medical professionals take not a quick second to know who Natalie is before they meet her. They have ignorantly started a checkup with a child who they didn’t bother to read about before slapping those blue gloves on their hands. The front desk people know exactly who Natalie is! The nurse who administers vaccines does, too and they all are like in love with Natalie because they know how far she’s come. They’ve seen her in her highs and lows and everything in between.

But when a doctor who has met Natalie before asks “why does she have THOSE scars??” again, I’m going to just say that I had no idea that she had scars OMG! That’ll get a good rise out of ’em.

2 responses to “on ignorance.

  1. Omg Dawn, I totally would have gotten smart by now. Seriously is very rude for them not to read up on the patient before walking in. But that was a big reason for why I left the last practice Marty went to. I would see a different dr for the same problem each time and each time I had to explain everything from the beginning and it was annoying. His new practice tries to fit us with the same PA each time. Marty loves her, and she adores him. I feel like this dr gets me as a mom, and treats Marty how I would if I had her knowledge. She is very thorough, even as far as torturing Marty with blood work whenever something isn’t explained and setting us up to see specialists.

  2. I think one of the biggest reasons is an overcrowded staff with too many hands in the pot. In a weird way, it’s made me a better health advocate for Natalie. But it never gets easy (but gets old real quick) when a doctor/ nurse asks you to repeat a long history of a heart condition from the beginning, and more than once. I was just talking to another “heart mom” about that the other day actually. It’s fantastic that Marty and you have an excellent doctor. They are so hard to find. Really hard to find. I like the doctor that we saw in June. She’s fantastic. But she’s never there.

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