Monthly Archives: October 2012

update overdue.

Well alrighty then! Let’s get down to business because there’s so much to catch up on!

Queen Natalie has been doing really great. Her energy level has been ridiculous and her feistiness is almost surpassing her energy level. But she’s 5 and she acts like she’s 5. She runs like a 5 year old and socializes with her school friends like a 5 year old. There was an instance last week where she was hanging out with her little buddy from class at the playground. I let him sneak my phone to play Angry Birds. Usually when we see him that’s the 1st thing he asks for now. Go figure. Natalie sits down next to him while he plays the game. He is completely engrossed in the game and she’s sitting on the other side asking him questions about other boys in the class and twirling her hair. I have to be completely honest, her questions made me giggle a bit because they were so…..   “girly”. And here’s this 5 year old boy. Responding in a very… “boy” way. “Yeah I guess so. I guess we’re still friends I dunno.”

It was so funny.

Natalie has started up with a club at school and it’s choir. She gets her chance to sing really loud and dance. She LOVES it. Now that the weather has cooled down we haven’t had any migraine issues, overheating, nothing. It’s been so easy with her in school now. The only real struggle has been getting her to eat her lunch.

About a week ago she and her class went to the pumpkin patch. Sadly, I didn’t get to really snap any photos of her with her pumpkin. We’re thinking of visiting another pumpkin patch next weekend so that’ll be a good chance to get some. She is growing SO much. Physically, spiritually, everything. Even her voice is changing into an older kid’s size.

She’s been challenging when it comes to her homework. She doesn’t really get solid homework but rather practice pages and it’s SO. HARD. to get her to do them. But while in class, her work is fantastic. Her writing is pretty funny because she writes so well but you can tell when she wrote something and didn’t want to do it in class because the letters are HUMUNGOUS. She has sight words such as, “like”, “apple”, “at”, “the”, “on”, “mom”, “dad”, “there”, “like”, etc etc and she writes small sentences and can read simple stories on her own. And Natalie enjoys it which makes every ounce of difference.

Last weekend she had the chance to see her first circus show! The theme for Barnum and Bailey this year is “dragons” and she LOVED it! She kept asking when the dragon would come out. She ate a whole bag of super sugary cotton candy and was glued to the stage. She really did love the entire show. It’s pretty cool to be able to let her enjoy something that was my favorite as a kid, too.

Natalie is also completely 100% “night trained” now!! This was all her doing. About 2 weeks ago, I start helping her pick out her school clothes and find out that she purposely wore underwear to bed. Totally blew me away!! She has had really minor instances of accidents but catches it (that blows me away, too!!) but yup, she is officially a BIG kid. Sniff……

On another note, we did lose her SSI. I just mailed in our request to have an official meeting to appeal the decision. It was a bit upsetting because even though financially we’ve been doing a whole lot better than a year ago, we relied on that income. I’m confused with how the whole process works. Plus, Natalie lost her Medicaid as a result. Thankfully.. oh so very thankfully.. I double-insured her on her daddy’s plan for fear of this day coming, so she can still visit a doctor and get care. So, it’s a little sad that we lost the SSI but hopefully I can show the errors in their decision.

Welp. That’s about it for now. I think I’m going to try out a month soon (probably December) where I will post everyday. I would try November but the Queen and her servants are traveling to Baltimore for almost 2 weeks that month. Natalie will get to spend some quality time with family and friends on the east coast. We’re driving the 1700 mile adventure in our van so let’s see how that goes! Natalie and her brother are excited so we are, too!  But I think it’s because we promised candy and to stop in every state we travel through for a small prize. Yeah that’s probably it.  ; )