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super long overdue update.

Well how about that? The last post was in late-November and here we are in 2013. Well that’s a little crazy. Time, why you be so fast?

In real news, I have some cool updates to share if anyone is even reading this. I know I am. I’m thinking I lost some readers because I haven’t been as consistent as I’d hope with this blog. But it’s twenty-thirteen and there is so much to look forward to! Let’s get this post started shall we?


February is “Heart Month” and the only way I see fit to celebrate this month is by sharing some pretty inspiring stories for the entire month. After all, this blog is to document positivity and light- I think February will be a really cool way to highlight those in the “heart community” that deserve some recognition. There will be warriors who have fought the good fight and warriors that are still with us fighting the good fight. There will be advocates a plenty and so much more. February will be huge. Please stay tuned!


Since.. well… never, Natalie has graduated to yearly cardiology checkups. December 21st, 2012 was a really good day. A very good day indeed. Natalie breezed through her EKG and echocardiogram like a supreme champ. It seems like not so long ago she screamed whenever any nurse or doctor touched her.

The only part with screaming and tears was the blood work. It’s been almost 3 years since the taking of the blood..that’s pretty impressive, especially for a young heart patient! Other than some mild mitral valve leaking (regurgitation),¬†everything was as perfect as it could ever be. The mild leaking is very minor right now and the cardiologist has seen this before with Natalie. It’s not easily detectable through her tests and pops up about ever other cardiology visit. But right now there’s no reason to worry. Keep it in the front of our minds? Yes. But worry? No. After getting sick two times over the winter break and getting past it without complications, I really can’t worry. Natalie came down with a 103 and extreme nausea with chills and aches for a few days. THEN, two weeks later came down with croup coupled with RSV. Thankfully, it was a much milder case. But it reminded me why it’s okay to keep our linen closet stacked full of O2 tanks from the last severe RSV situation from early 2011.


Natalie’s Uncle Jesse (no, not the same one from Full House) is back from a year-long military service in Afghanistan. To say the entire family is relieved and excited is not even enough.


I have so many photos to post of Hanukkah, Christmas, vampire costumes (yes, believe it or not), and from our November Maryland trip! Look out for those this week because they’ll be overloading this blog.


See those TABS at the top? Expect a good update with those this month! I plan to not revamp them completely, but add. I still have to add Natalie’s Make A Wish photos and everything. Yes, photos from 2011.


Speaking of ridiculously generous charities, have you heard of Icing Smiles, Inc.? I hadn’t heard of this organization until last week when a fellow “heart mama” posted the cutest photos of her CHD survivor’s birthday party, complete with the coolest Angry Birds cake I had EVER seen. Guess who’s lucky enough to get a cake for their 6th birthday this year??

Yep. You guessed it!