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meet Dana Vollmer!

Almost every day there’s something new in the CHD community that surfaces. Sometimes it’s not-so-great news. Sometimes it’s awful news. Sometimes it’s fantastic news.

This post is all about something fantastic.

If this doesn’t bring a smile to your heart and face and then I’ll just have to try harder. Meet Dana Vollmer..

(courtesy of celebritydiagnosis.com)

(courtesy of ESPN)

Dana won the gold medal in record time (56 seconds!) during the 100-meter butterfly swim competition this week. That makes my jaw drop. Want to know what else is amazing about this woman? She has battled a long-time heart condition. When she was 15, Dana was already a top notch swimmer but started to have some issues with dizzy spells. A doctor diagnosed her with having an abnormally fast heartbeat but during surgery they then diagnosed her with Long QT Syndrome. This condition is what you hear a lot about in the news- tragic events where a super healthy athlete just collapses and dies, due to cardiac arrest. Feeling that installing an internal defibrillator in heart would completely end her career, Dana and her family decided against it and decided something totally different- to let her keep swimming and instead, carry an external defibrillator to every training and practice.

After moving to California to transfer colleges, Dana found out that she outgrew her condition! She was unstoppable before winning her gold medal but look at her now! Go Dana!! For the full story read here:


and here


As a family, we know that Natalie will have limitations her whole life due to her half of a heart. But stories like these just make our hope and faith swell.