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kindergarten drama.

In exactly 2 weeks The Queen begins kindergarten. This means two things:

A. I’ll have 2 children in full day elementary school (par-TAY!)

B. Natalie will be off in her own new world enjoying new things without me.

okay… let’s throw a C in there…

C. The Queen will not be The Queen in her classroom.

So let’s revisit each one of these points in-depth shall we?

A. This means that I will be able to take a couple of college courses without as much interruption. I’m already signed up for only 2 classes and both are online. The point of staying at home was to ease back into college without killing myself and let my children and husband see me go nuts. It was also because the elementary school is only a couple of small blocks away. It ensures that I’m close by in case the first month or so of Natalie’s new school adventure starts out rocky. We completed a Health Plan¬†as opposed to a 504 Plan. Tomorrow’s post will explain more about those options in case anyone needs some information. The school already stated that they are a little “nervous” with Natalie which makes me even more nervous. They warned me of the extra trips to the school and phone calls until they are comfortable with Natalie’s “normals”.

But I do feel like this school is totally capable of taking care of Natalie. If I didn’t I’d have thrown in the towel and home-schooled her.

B. Natalie needs to be in her own new world enjoying new things without me. That does not make me sad one bit. Especially after this summer.

C. The Queen (thinks) that she rules her household. But The Queen will be surrounded by other girls who rule their households, too. This will probably result in some minor disputes. But all in all, I think The Queen will always have her thrown waiting for her once she returns home from school. ; )