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mystery solved?

Today was the day. We were going to go and buy really good comfy shoes for Natalie to wear for school. I’ve been extra dorky lately thinking about how I need to be sure and find a pair of really supportive shoes for her super high-arched feet. She also has a HUGE big toe. Think of a pair of pumps..the really pointy kind? Yes. Natalie will have no problem wearing those when she’s older. Hopefully she’ll be older.

See here’s the thing. Natalie awakens from her sleep every so often with some mysterious foot pain. At first, I thought she was making it up. Then after a few more times of her waking me up by staring at me at the foot of the bed (creeeepy), I realized that something was going on. We started making sure she drank extra water (dehydration?). We started to make sure that she had her daily aspirin right before bed (kick the pain away before it starts?). We also started to keep her from running around in her flip-flops. This has all been going on with her new problem, as well: migraines. So we thought we’d nip both both in the bud at the same time.

It’s gotten better but then I read a thread on Facebook where there is some debate about whether foot and leg pain is connected to pre and post-Fontan patients. We don’t know if it’s the repeated heart catheterizations or what, especially since the tubing is guided through the groin area. There’s a humungo question mark with this. But let’s just say, Natalie isn’t he only kid complaining of her (very specifically) left foot hurting at night.

I knew that we would find her some really comfy running shoes for school. After all, she’ll have 2 recesses at school each day. Gotta put that sandbox sand and wood chips in somewhere comfy! The Queen asked for “pink, fluffy, feathery” shoes. Instead she chose pink and black Saucony’s. Thank god.

After making her choice, we had the salesman measure both of her feet. BINGO!

Her left foot? The one that has been having pain? is almost a full size smaller than her right.

Guess which foot I’ve been measuring? Her right.

I think the mystery may have been solved. We’ll see! Proof that Natalie is cute and quirky.