My name is Dawn and I’m the writer of this here blog. ; )

I’m in my 30s and I’m the proud mom of a 7 year old heart-healthy boy named King James and the inspiration for this blog, Queen Natalie who is 5 (going on 15). Currently I am an almost full time college student and stay at home mom. I’ve been married to my husband for 6 years but we’ve been going strong for almost 10 years. We relocated to Colorado from Maryland in the spring of 2009. It was the day before Natalie’s 2nd birthday. It’s been a real adventure. To go from high humidity, green foliage-filled areas to a very dry climate in the  mile high city has been pretty fun to compare. But we love it here. We can travel a very short distance and we are surrounded by the Rocky Mountains. I’ll take it.

This blog has a very strong purpose. To be able to write and release my thoughts with the keyboard has been very therapeutic. But to focus on the positive light and humor that is Natalie has been even more therapeutic. This website is just that- a positive place full of information, resources, and an evolving story about a little girl who is thriving with half of a heart.

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